A writer, designer, < coder />, gamer, and all around creator living in the Pacific Northwest.

Mariah Gwin


I'm a digital creator based in Vancouver, WA. Over the last few years I have worked toward a B.A. in Digital Technology & Culture as well as a B.A. in English Literature. Whether it's developing and planning creative game content, shaping a website in WordPress, or designing a beautiful and functional website by hand, I'm passionate about collaborating in imaginative and innovative environments.

My education and work experience has given me a unique skill set that includes: game development and design, web development and design, project management, and more.

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What I Do

Game Dev & Design

Collaborating in the planning and development stages of game building. Conceptualizing story, setting, and characters. Analyzing and evaluating how the characters interact with their environment and other characters based on personality.

Front End Web Dev & Design

Implementing problem solving, organization, and communication to produce interactive, digital web environments with a focus on the user experience and multiplatform design.

Project Management

Communicating, planning, and overseeing team progress to achieve the project goals and exceed the client's expectations.